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31 August 2007


bill hicks

Jesus will not be denied.

I think you've gone and agreed with Jeff G. over at Protein Wisdom.

it's quite a conservative position you take. and it's funny that people need laws to protect 'marriage.' they just want my taxes.

protect marriage: keep it out of the public/civil realm.

aren't there contracts that can be written and signed and whatnot that anyone can use for situations such as illness and health insurance? not 'married,' no benefits, etc. or maybe that's part of the problem that's keeping people down...somebody educate me. if you believe that possible.


Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Republican libertarians want to have businesses pick your pockets as opposed to having the government take a piece. Democrats want to protect you. Libertarians really don't care what you do, so long as you don't scare the children or the animals...Jeff is about as libertarian, from my reading, as Tom DeLay...

"No private contract can get you health care through your spouse’s employer, nor require your employer to give you family and medical leave to take care of your sick lover, nor get Social Security and Veteran’s spousal benefits, nor get an exemption from the estate tax, nor get the ability to sponsor your lover for his green card, nor get preference to adopt your lover’s child, nor receive the privilege not to testify against your lover, nor get domestic violence protection from the law."

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