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19 August 2007


Ames Tiedeman

Um...equality is a myth. The immigration bill of 1968 took America from 90% white to near hell in 4 decades...

Go tell Switzerland they need more diversity. You will be punched in the jaw.

Ames Tiedeman

By the way...Africa did not listen. Look at the 53 countries on that continent. 51 are a mess.
We gave them Deocracy and they gave themseves stupidity. The French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Itaians, and Germans left every country in Africa better than when they arrived. It only took a few years for the Africans to destry themselves. The problem with Africa is their are too many Africans. Make the place 75 % Chinese and it will function just fine. The English civilized the place and then left. Now look at it. When you have a people that do not even produce a gene pool capable of getting water out of the ground after thousands of years, you know you are in big trouble. Japan has no natural resouces. Africa has it all. Equality is a myth.

Ames Tiedeman

Last I checked Africans have been killing Africans for millions of years...

Ames Tiedeman

Oh, I get it...Bring them ALL here...That will really teach them how to fix THEMSELVES....

Comandante Agi

I won't bother chiming in - it looks like Ames is having a great conversation with himself.

Crusader AXE

I get it. Our moral failures and desertion of the principles that made us the "city on the hill" is the fault of the victims...

Ames, what's your position on the Iraq invasion? For it or against it, based on what you know now? That'll help us calibrate your position on the Cthulhu meter...right now, I kind of see you as soul-dead, but he could already have eaten your's...

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