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16 August 2007


Michael Bains

shee-it! i clicked on teh pic cuz i tought it wuz teh FSM.



Crusader AXE

Say, Mike:

Huh? I'm old and everybody else is literate on this blog. Please write in a discernible language. So, you're pro-Cthulhu?

The Promiscuous Reader

I endorsed him too! But I'm not sure he's the greater evil anymore. Still, nobody's perfect and we have to make do with the candidates we have.




Miso Sadd.

Whirled knot 2B ending solstice'12 - just starts over; hasn't nobody actually red the aztec codices?

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well maybe Cthulhu have a better government plan that any other politician in this world, and like you put in the picture "why vote for the lesser evil if you can vote for the pure evil" and this is true. at least if Cthulhu was president we know that it is evil and we can't think another thing about he or she or whatever it be.

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