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28 May 2007



You might want to think twice on what sounds like a "Wise old men of Washington" standard. Is she really any less of an idiot - I'm talking about what she actually says, now - than Tom Friedman? Richard Cohen? Broder?

Another fact is that even Fat Irish Lesbians get to vote. Maybe they don't all merit a soapbox on TV, but then, not all voters/citizens do, either. Artful expression combined with deeply informed views? It's a rare gift, and maybe Rosie's pretty pink box is empty, but does that aesthetic dissonance she creates mean the topic stays off morning TV? Does it OK sending "Shut Up" signals like this? 'cause it's a signal getting received by thousands of Rosie-identifying individuals who clearly haven't been a part of that otherwise so-phisteecated dialogue I read on editorial pages and see on "serious" TV.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Actually, my issue is the phoney news of the epic breakup of Rosie and Liz. Rosie's uninformed and paranoid comments don't help the debate; still she has an absolute right to say them. But, I repeat, who cares that she's on the View/ off the View? Or, what she thinks about 9/11? People who repeat the nonsense at all that this was a conspiracy of the US government are one step away from wearing tin foil hats to deflect the rays beamed at them by the CIA. The evils that have come from 9/11 boil down to this, that we waste thought on the battle of the ignorant over who supported who as opposed to how to get out of the mess we're in.

Frankly, I'd like to see Rosie and Martha do a show together. That would be interesting.

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