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03 April 2007



To use the Army as a comparison on egalitarianism is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. So he was a kid on an Army base, the son of an Army officer and he thinks that gives him the experience he needs to make this absurd statement. He should have tried being an enlisted man IN the Army.

In brief, I see the difference between the Army and civilian life as this: most jobs in civilian life can't force you to deploy to some hellhole of violence and misery, or even send you to the field, and if they try you can just quit.. without being sent to prison. Other than that there are many similarities.

If the Army was acttually run according to regulations it would still suck in many ways, but the trouble is the relatively untrammeled power that can be obtained by raving assholes, sometimes apparently insane, which they use to subvert regulations and run things in such a way as suits their megalomaniacal personalities.

Despite this I still loved it enough (I need serious therapy) to stick with it for 23 years.

Crusader AXE

Well, obviously one of us is sicker than the other. The problem of the untrammeled asshole in authority is real, but everywhere. The feeling of community, the decent communities and the socialized medicine makes up for some of the inanity. One of the problems I saw was the triumph of regulatory controls over heart...


There were many great and wonderful things about the Army or I wouldn't have stuck with it for so long. Still miss it in many ways, to tell the truth. The sense of community and access to health care are, indeed, among the better aspects. The first thing I noticed as a 17-year-old private was that you could talk to anybody. Get on a bus on base.. have a conversation.. everyone has a lot in common. Of course, one of the biggest topics of conversation was bitching about how fucked up things were.

When the leadership is good it can be a rewarding life. My experience working with/for HHC Div Eng 1st Armored Division in Bosnia was a highlight. Led me to conclude that the Engineers have the smartest officers. Even the ones that had a certain amount of assholery about them were good, with one or two exceptions.

Working at the PAO in Heidelberg was a completely different story. They don't put officers out to pasture in PAO land because they have a deep understanding of journalism. (of course, there are exceptions to everything)

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