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29 April 2007


bring it.

the WOPOF continues...


So the Banana Man is going to debate two unnamed bloggers? my guess is he's looking for an Alan Colmes to use as a punching bag. Let's see him go up against Richard Dawkins if he's so confident.

richard roe

Scientific evidence to prove the existence of God?

This I gotta see.

If a two bit, washed up, teen idol knows anything about Science and the scientific method I guess we all missed those tabloid stories of Kirk Cameron's feverish days at M.I.T. where he got his Ph.D. in Physics...


Makes me think of a way to adapt a Monty Python skit.

"How to defend yourself against an atheist using a banana!"


Ray debates science through analogy, not with actual science. This is just an attempt to get himself on television in the hopes some suckers will be bewildered by his performance that they'll part with some money. The mere fact that the banana, god's greatest creation, is sterile and persisted over the past 10,000 through cloning, simply proves he doesn't know what he's talking about.

John Clavis

Yes, Christianity is much more uplifting than atheism. After all, Christianity teaches us that we are slaves to God, and that we are owned by God, and that he has the power and the right to watch everything we do, and to judge us unworthy and sentence us to an eternity of torment...

... oh, wait, I forgot: Christians believe that *other people* are going to Hell, not them! In fact, Christianity teaches you to think the whole Hell thing is terrific! That it's your own fault if God sends you to Hell, because you didn't jump through a series of arbitrary hoops based on ancient fairy tales!

It's amazing how consistently creationists will insist that "belief in" evolution requires faith. Is that because they don't understand it, or because they believe that lying about evolution in order to help creationist recruiting is sanctified and doesn't count as "bearing false witness"?

Rich Santoro

I am both a Christian and a Biologist... I believe in evolution as wholeheartedly as I believe in God... That being said, I also believe that any position claiming that the two are mutually exclusive is an unfortunate and narrow-minded conclusion (but what do I know)?.

In any event... Comfort's diatribes are foolishness to the core... He insults me, and makes Christians look bad (along with Falwell and Robertson, and GW Bush... ick). I hope he discredits himself and fundamentalists all-around.

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