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28 March 2007


Crusader AXE

I was having dinner with a bunch of people from the office trying to get to know some new subcontractors whom I'm not that impressed with. I was at the end of the table with the Deputy and the Supply Division Chief. These guys both grew up in the same small hillbilly city and they were getting so "folksy" I was beginning to vomit. "We got to chase that pig..." " She lived in a trailer and her momma was divorced, her big sister was divorced, she was the only one that wasn't divorced..." My comment, "Because she was 12?" Anyway, somebody brought this guy up and the whole table started to talk about American idol except the contracts lady and me. We left. Nothing is sillier than hearing retired Army officers debate the talents of the twits on American idol.

As for hell, Benny Rat really needs to get out more. If you buy Catholicism or Christianity, hell seems sort of odd. Jesus died for our sins, and he fucked up because a lot of us are going to go to hell. If you're Jewish, well, as Lewis Black says, God is kind of a psycho madman killer type. You're not safe even if you suck up -- he'll fuck you over in a heartbeat.

I remain convinced that the absurdity of all religion is best shown by the inane responses to death. You come back, or maybe you don't. You burn forever or not. You hang out in the Elysian Fields with Russell Crowe and Hank Williams. You become compost. Whatever...


America is pretty much ridiculous at this point...c'mon, people - ridiculous...

Crusader AXE

Hey, did they take a vote on Ryan Seacrest? Is he gay? Is Simon? Why would anyone want to do "You really got me going" on American idol a la Justin Timberlake? It's kind of like doing "The Great Speckled Bird" on Nashville Star, or a blackface number on BET.

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