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04 March 2007


Herr "Ausweiss, bitte"

Nail on the head. I also have 23 years on my final DD 213, although 19 of them were reserve duty. Still, I saw a lot of the Army during those years, and have to conclude that anyone who doesn't agree 100% with what the Axe has written has never been there, is utterly deluded, or totally self-absorbed after making a luck-rich run through the military while not noticing how things went for anyone else.

This total BS line that's being spouted by the military fetishists that it is an isolated problem at one site is ridiculous. It's systemic and always has been.

That doesn't mean that there aren't great people busting their ass constantly to do a good job, but they are trying to swim upstream in field gear with a full combat load. That they don't throw in the towel in despair points to their high quality.

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