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13 February 2007



Nice piece. Most of people who are referred to as "communists" never got over the dictatorship of the proletariat part. Bakunin correctly predicted that. Both socialism and communism are supposed to end the state, not give it complete power.

I see market fundamentalism more of a threat than statism, although the case could be made that they are interlinked.

mr. fun

the biggest polluter in this country is our government. let me rephrase that. our government is the biggest polluter in our country. organization, and mobilization, and thus the ability to do more "good" - is "enhanced" at the point of a gun. some perspective is needed.

Comandante Agi

First we need to decide if the free market has ever truly been free.


No, I don't believe it ever has been nor will it ever be. As long as money=power, the "free market" will be rigged by those with money. they shift all the risk of the market on to the lower classes

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