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28 January 2007



wat the fuck r u talking about u fool u hav no idea wat ur goin on about i'll hav u knw that first of all the ira r gone how do i knw this i live in ireland and one thing u hav to knw is that wen the united irish men the first republic movement started it was by Presbyterian protestant wolftone u bloody fool the main issue is not really between religion however it has been used bcoz most catholic's want freedom from england and wer nationalist's and most protestants wer unionist's and didn't want this and another thing the ira wer allways illegal and nw there gone bt the uvf and uda r unionist fighters and they wer only made illgal in the 80's and r still around so get ur facts straights u fucking fool

Crusader AXE

Are you really from Ireland? Funny, we've always been considered to be masters of the English language...I guess this is a love letter to Paisley, which is kind of interesting. Wasn't aware that Orangemen are into homoerotica, except perhaps the synchronized swimming team at Syracuse University.

Of course the main issue wasn't religion. It was...what, exactly? What exactly motivated the Presbyterians to want to stay part of the United Kingdom? A fondness for Haggis and fear of being prevented by the Catholics from getting it? Religion was a nice cover for maintaining the Anglo-Irish ascendancy, no doubt. It's certainly true that a lot of the advocates of a free Ireland were Protestant from the times of Wolfe Tone. It's also true that the whole Civil Rights movement had to do with assuring equal treatment for the 1/3 of the North that was Catholic.

Mentholated spirits and methamphetamine besides, slan, brother. Or sister...which is a scary conception indeed.

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