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11 January 2007


Comandante Agi

to ultimately shed america, or rather, those final americans still with the 3-D glass on, popcorn in hand, dollars in the other, of this piss-poor delusion of leadership and country, we are in need of the anti-hero.

What about John McCain and the "Straight Talk Express". Huh? His bus broke down in New Jersey back in 2000 and hasn't been seen since? He was abducted by aliens and reprogrammed to be Bush's ideological butt slave? Oh, yeah...

I doubt there is anyone to fill this anti-hero role. Obama is the new media darling but that novelty will wear off before the primaries start. We’ll be stuck again with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb arguing over which is the best way to kill more people in the middle east.

The “war on terror” is like so 2002. It’s over people. Let’s move on.

Nicely said, Mr. Fundamental.

Crusader AXE

Gordon Smith is the R-Oregon senator who is the current thorn in Bush's paw...

Who was it that said that the Iraq surge wasn't a Hail Mary but a draw play?

Comandante Agi

Chuck Hagel's had some good things to say

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