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13 December 2006



As a veteran I enjoy your blog.. and your stories about Barstow.. Is the defense work you are doing involve the Army's National Training Center?

Again, great blog.

Infantry, Active duty 75-80


So, if 75% of the country is on your side now, don't you have to change the name of the blog?

The Victorians?

The Champions?

The Anti-Defeatists?


I'm not sure what the opposite of schizophrenia is, but we are kinda it, although not quite. I'm the defeatist who hangs out in Barstow and yeah, my work involves Fort Irwin. Barstow adds a certain Je nais sais qua to the whole thing.

As for changing the Blog name to something optimistic or victorious, you gotta be kidding me. We await in a state of optimistic pessimism the nest debacle. The fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban? The invasion of Iraq by Saudi Arabia? Britney Spears entering MIT? The fact that the American people are not as dumb as the administration assumed they were for the last five years, nine months and 23 days is not a reason to change our perspective.

The great Sal Alsinky, who invented Death Metal Polka and the stuffed crust pizza in Chicago in the 50s said once when his organization won an award, "don't worry about it. They'll start hating us again tomorrow and things will be back to normal." Likewise this, 260 Million blind pigs finally found the acorn...


hi i just found this video from iraq war and like you to see it , i can call it the hiden news what cnn and fucks news don,t show you
and this is what is going on in iraq
sniper of baghdad :

Works with real player program

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