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29 October 2006



Reminds me of the scene from Lord of War when the are walking through piles of M-16A1's...Somebody's making a pretty penny off this.

Herr "Ausweiss, bitte"

When I heard this story on the radio I was dumbfounded. Supply was one of my worst antagonists for 23 years... those bastards were constantly finding ways to charge me and my soldiers for anything they could think of. Had to go to the IG after Bosnia to get them off our backs, so how things can have degenerated to this level is hard to fathom.

Just like the rest of society... only the people at the bottom have to follow the rules.


AT Hohenfels, I remember how an ARTEP was brought to a screeching halt and most of the battalion helped search for a .45 pistol a tanker LT Lost.

The idea that the Army lost control of half a million weapons is staggering to me.

BTW, the AK-47 is a tough weapon, much better than the M-16 for the Iraq situation. My PLT SGT in Germany was a LRRP in Nam for the 101st AB. They all prefered the AK for its reliability. You could drop it in the mud, pick it up, and keep shooting. Do that to the M-16 and you have to stop and clean the damned thing. Although, what the army really needs is a lighter version of the M-14.

Right now tho, I feel like I am reliving the Nightmare of Vietnam.. but in a desert.

Infantry LT/CPT '75-80

Crusader AXE O' Lost Causes

If you prefer aimed fire to auto, then the A2 or the M4 in its various configurations are better weapons than the AK. The original M16 was a total dog, no question about it.

But the Vietnam thing is starting to get really close to home. Especially if Haliburton gets the deal to run their oil fields for them...

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