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22 October 2006


mr. fun

honestly dude, the frog jumps out before it gets boiled.

but maybe I don't understand what a parable is.

Herr "Auswiess, bitte"

Thanks for bringing this up. I heard about it on NPR a few months ago...puked all over the steering wheel and ran off the road.

From the report I heard it does affect nurses, and unless you and everyone you love has a magic marmoset that protects you from all illness and injury that means it can have a very direct impact on your life.

There are people out there who seem to blissfully assume that because we possess incredible medical technolgy that going to the hospital is like running a program on a mac. Flawless and clean. The opposite is true. It's all done by humans.... increasingly overwhelmed and stressed out humans.

Nursing is the only thing I've ever done where the system is set up to insure that the workers never have an "easy" shift where there are more than enough people to do the job.
Staffing is usually based on a rigid nurse to patient ratio grid that uses only numbers, not the reality of the situation, to determine how many workers are needed on a given shift. If the grid says too many workers are present they send people home without pay. If there are too few you just deal with it. Seems management is way more concerned about having too many than too few. Everyone then suffers except the suits with the big paychecks.

I could go on and on, but to keep on point I'll end with the opinion that if this latest union busting move goes fully into effect the situation in hospitals is going to get even worse. My personal "solution" will be to refuse to work as charge nurse. If they go so far as to label ALL nurse "management" because we supervise ancillary staff then I'll just have to find other Arbeit.

Apparently the high and mighty have secret, undergound hospitals where staffing and supply are available in the opulence to which they have become accustomed.

If you do have to get sick.... do it in Minnesota. Far from ideal, but way better than most of the country.


My, Oh, Myanmar!

A beard
That's rough
And overgrown
Is better than
A chaperone

Josh Fuller

Can you tell me the source for I'd like to use it as an idea for a tattoo but don't want to rip it off without permission.

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