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12 September 2006


the serrach

ha! chinamen... that one always kills me. it's the grandfather of racist comments made by folks who insist they ain't racist.

the serrach

ya know.. i propose that the thoughts that us defeatists attribute to public figures via photoshopped thought bubbles be admissable as evidence in a court of law.

and cnn polls ought to be enforceable.


The Godly Republicans are gaining strength with the Macaca-American vote. Years ago, The Brown Ones turned their whip-scarred backs on the Republican party, lured by the absurd siren songs of "equal rights," or "the right to vote," or "not getting firebombed," or "not being shot in your driveway," and "not being called racist names and ridiculed in front of large groups of people."

But things are starting to change. After all, it was Republican Abraham Lincoln that granted those people the freedom to be lynched, attend separate (but equal-- yep, equal in every way!) schools, sit on the back of the bus, and drink from the dirty fountains for nearly 100 years.

And now that Republicans are trying to restore those precious freedoms, Macaca-Americans are almost definitely going to return to the Godly Republican party in grateful appreciation. Just watch the election returns!

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The 2006 midterm election is brought to you by DIEBOLD©. DIEBOLD©, counting votes the way they should be counted.

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Crusader AXE O' Lost Causes --

It's too easy with these guys; like shooting baby ducks. The problem is that the country is being run now by drunken, deranged angry baby ducks...

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