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24 September 2006


I think I would suck Clinton's right about now.

the mind is the most powerful sex organ. Bill Clinton must be great in bed, because he sure out FoXed that fucking eunich Chris Wallace. I bet Clinton didn't even get hard using the 4 braincells he needed to shut Wallace up.

Dubya must have been neutered. my fellow Americans, kill yourselves. you voted in an image. your ideal LEADER.

the best of us don't need to be led. you fuckers voted as if your life depended on it. pshah.

can I quit the human race?

Alex Brant-Zawadzki

I'm actually working on beefing up my criminal record in order to further qualify myself for higher office. Unfortunately I'll never approach Bush, Cheney, or DeLay when it comes to corporate malfeasance or ethical violations, but you can't have it all.

Indiscretions of youth ... in your THIRTIES?!?


People.... PEOPLE!!! I think we ought to all take a deep breath, relax, and allow the GOP and FOX News to write the history books. I'm sure they'll be fair and balanced.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just purchased one of those Do-It-Yourself Lobotomy Kits, and I have to Windex the bathroom mirror.

Ahhhh..... That's more like it. Heroic, Brilliant, Courageous George W. Bush... Fighting terrah singlehandedly. He's 47 feet tall, hung like a horse, and has the strength of 90 men...


Its obvious. All politicians are corrupt, all politicians do side deals for money and do not give a damm abount nothing else.
why not just have some fun and forget about it all?
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