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11 September 2006


Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

We're really all bozos on this bus. Unfortunately, some of us think we're driving...

I remember one of my staff; her dad was between jobs as an executive in the transportation industry, and he had an interview at the World Trade Center that morning. We're in Seattle, her Mom is in Chicago and Dad is...all I could do was put my hands on her shoulders, hold on and tell her we would do whatever was necessary to help in whatever way we could. The meeting had been moved to the Marriott, and he survived. Mrs. AXE is totally a-political; she immediately announced on my arrival home that Saddam Hussein had done it.

So, my computer geek wife and the President of the United States came to the same conclusion. Except, she figured out that she was wrong. Hell, I immediately pegged ragheaded motherfuckers, but somehow Saddam didn't figure in my equation. Nobody canny enough not to use Chemical Weapons against the coalition it 1991 would be stupid enough to pull a move like this in 2001.

Well shame on us. As we watch Afghanistan devolve into greater chaos and the real possibility of a NATO defeat, as we watch Iraq go bonkers, we are looking at our war of Jenkins Ear. Only, we're not winning...


I blame Emmanuel Goldberg. He is the cause of all our problems. And also the Defeatists in the media, activist judges, the climate of liberalism in Boston, secularism, Darwin, science, and Hollywood.

Comandante Agi

don't forget the IslamoFascistMusComTerrist appeasers


There is certainly no quick fix to the mess. Personally, I think it shows that people are people. We are all subject to belief in exceptionalism and 'It won't happen to us' mentality.

I can bet that, if asked, most Germans couldn't comprehend doing some of the acts committed during WW2. However, with the right forms of manipulation, they did.

It is a revolting idea to think that we too, with the right manipulation, could commit atrocities. Atrocities such as torture, agressive acts of war, setting up secret courts and holding people indefinitely without trial have been done by Americans.

I can bet that, if asked, most Americans couldn't comprehend doing some of the acts committed during the Bush Presidency. However, with the right forms of manipulation, they are.



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