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30 August 2006


Crusader AXE O' Lost Causes

Well, that is interesting. Oil and felafal. With Cuba and Boliva, they'll have power, drugs and munchies...

If we weren't screwing around messing up Iraq, we could have invaded Venezuala and gotten the oil. We can't even get imperialism right anymore.

the serrach

is hugo chavez's head actually attached to his body? or is it just held on with tape?


The only success Bush has had in office is uniting our adversaries.

Comandante Agi

e_five: after all, he said he was a uniter not a divider.


Chavez a dictator? He was elected by the big magiority of the venezuelian population.
Actually US tried to do something against him, they supported the putch held by the extreme right------------Reminds me of Chile and US big friend PINOCHET.--
Anyway,after a week of riots the putch was a complete fiasco.
Chavez may be considered as populist, but he brought back decent democratic public health and scolar system and toke back from big companies what realy belongs to the venezuelian people: venezuelan OIL.
And imperialism (capitalist,communist,religious,nationalist...) has never never been right.

Crusader AXE

Oh, dear. Hitler won a majority. Putin won a majority. Democracies can self destruct as can democrats. Mugabe won honest majorities, for love of Tiffany.

While I despise big oil along with big hair, Big Macs and Big tits a la Annie Nicole Smith, I gotta say without big oil, you guys would be crawling around on the Orinoco, using the stuff to chase away mosquitoes. Without imperialism--nationalist, religious, etc. -- yo'all'd be in Spain, worrying about the inquisition and the Indigenes would be running the place.

Without imperialism, we wouldn't need the oil in the first place. Me and my kind would be burning peat and stealing cattle -- not for food, but for fun.

Up the Republic.

Comandante Agi

And don't forget...Bush was elected, maybe not in 2000, but by at least a 4% margin in 2004. Democracy is not to be trusted.

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