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28 July 2006



Thanks for putting this up Agi!

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Yeah. Check out the amendments to the constitution. That said, the latest Republican idea is to raise the minimum wage while cutting taxes. Gotta say, I don't get that one. No logic to it; just a way to apease someone. The Chicken-Pluckers Cartel? Fact is, the minimum wage is so far underwater in most parts of the country that it has become ludicrous. If their theory is that the newly rich people who have had their wages go from $5.15 an hour (@$10600/year) will have so much extra disposable income that they'll spur another spurt of great economic growth, well, they are high. I thought at one point when the Republicans actually meant things like "fiscally responsible" they passed a requirement that changes to the tax code had to be revenue neutral. If the deficit was too high, lots of bad things happened to control it. Opps,that was Grahm-Rudman-Stallings which passed in 1986. By a Democratic Congress...and signed by the current gang's patron saint, Ronald Reagan. Who having actually run the state of California, his own ranch and the Screen Actors Guild actually knew how to balence a check book...sheesh, these guys are so awful, they make Reagan look good to the AXE. Must be senility.

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