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16 July 2006


Comandante Agi

Israel/Palestine must have had some powerful shrooms back in John's day. That rivals Baudelaire's Hashish Eater and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for best drug literature of all time. Maybe I need to get high in order to understand the stuff...

It's nice to know that the two Reverends interviewed in the documentary hail from the county of Serrach & myself.

Neil Shakespeare

Yeah, I bet old John of Patmos got a real workout at the Evangelical churches yesterday. I bet they were really creamin' their jeans over this WWIII thing. "END TIMES! END TIMES!" But I don't think it was drugs. I think it's the effects of long-term cannibalism. Those folks eat flesh and drink blood, you know. So don't blame it on the poor mushrooms. Of course maybe he was having a Flesh&Blood Pizza and sprinkled some shrooms on there for a tasy topping.

the serrach

do evangelicals cream their pantalones?

tassawwuf memory is often distorted (thank you, weed), & it's not like i speak ancient greek, but i think i once read that "Apocalypse" roughly translates to "revelations", or "to reveal"...? it makes sense to many people truly know themselves? the Last Book of the Bible & all the Left Behind/Rapture mythology notwithstanding, "The Apocalypse",imo, refers to that most intensely personal event of every individuals life...their death...when all of life's illusions, dellusions, & subjectivity get left behind & there "you" are, w/ that other 90% of your mind wide open (?), & the "truth" of all your motivations & the context of all your actions in the "big picture" is revealed to you, in that instant you're already in the heaven or hell of your own making...or maybe you just rot in the ground...


After the rapture, can I have your car?

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