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27 July 2006


and I really haven't the slightest idea what I'm talking about.

this post is funny.

the serrach

not knowing what you're talking about would be a lot more dangerous were you in the positition (and mindset) to enforce your random thoughts on the rest of it. then, when questioned, tell us that's it's all for our own safety..err...SECURITY. the manipulation of language is as common as it is comforting and irritating.

is it possible that it's the UBIQUITY of our communication that's at the root of our problems? manipulation is not new, the scale and immediacy are. let's bomb the 24 hour news channels and shut down the internet. i hate the freaking internet.

the serrach

ps i too know not of what i speak

Comandante Agi

The political debate about whether to leave or stay in Iraq--and the entire Middle East crisis in general--has centered around empty slogans. It’s the “blame America first crowd” vs. “freedom-loving patridiots” or something like that.

You’re right about reality. We’re never satisfied with what we have, so we spin and spin and spin new webs in hopes of achieving something else. And language is the tool we use to mold, shape, control and meddle with the universe.

I also have no clue what I am saying.

I was tempted by postmodernism for awhile there in college, but then realized its suicidal. Life might not have any meaning (and language might be a a method of generating false meaning, and perception is reality bla bla bla) but at some point we need to realize that reality is right in front of us and act simply and rationally.


America's heroic Commander-in-Chief™ is fighting valiantly against the nattering nabobs of negativism in the press, glowing like a beacon of freedom in the shining city on the hill. Meanwhile, those who attacked us on September 11th receive aid and comfort from the liberal media, activist judges, and hippie pinkos like The Defeatists.


i could call a red-hot ice-pick an eye-drop, but you'd have to be reaaally stoned, or a Republican, to fall for's what the Serrach said- scale &'s a good thing our educational system is the best in the world, & the American culture of critical-thinking is second-to-none, &, hell...

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

I find the retreat from meaning tiring and a hobbitry most impressive. Hobbits are very tiring. So is this "cut and run" nonsense; I'd go along with "culture of corruption" but that'll get old too...very old. They are all corrupt, evil bastards...I just agree with a few different agendas.

As for our wonderful education system, right. Critical thinking -- got it. I have access to a systems analyst whom I've given the mission to keep occupied by trying to turn our contract with the union into process maps. Guess what -- the first piece I gave her to do had a lengthy "if" statement with no "then." The union had its lawyer and negotiators, the company had its lawyers and negotiators, and I have no idea what the hell that part of the contract actually means. If they don't come to work, we can...give 'em a cookie? Disembowel them? At times, both would work for me.

Tiffany may be moonlighting writing speeches for these guys, but I suspect not. Rather, both left and right, as well as the hovering verticals have no clue. Just rhetoric...

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