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15 June 2006


Robot Buddha

They are so "Hey! I fought for this flag, so I can burn it if I want to..." Well I don't think that's cool!

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

I gotta get a shorter email address. Anyway, legally the only way to destroy a dirty, torn or damaged flag is to burn it. There is some irony in the whole mess -- I always thought that the original US flagburners were trying to make a point that the flag was damaged by our involvement in Vietnam. Actually, I still do.

Of course, now they are burning it because they are drunken redneck assholes who need to be sent back to where they came from -- Rhode Island and Tennesse.


These are obviously reverent veterans properly disposing of Old Glory by the only honorable way...burning it.

The most important thing is your mental state when burning the flag which is why government intevention is so necessary.


Those dudes are old.

And fat.

I mean, God Bless AMERICA!

Comandante Agi

db: So you trust the government to determine one's mental state? Shall that be a DA, a jury or a black site interrogator to do the job?

the serrach

db was kidding.. right?


Where did you get this shot! I love it.

In fact, I'm going to steal (I mean link to) it. It's just too funny.


I think according to proper handling and disposal of old weathered flags they are suppossed to be burnt.


Flag Codes:


Don't worry about the government knowing your state of mind when you burn the flag. It's all in their files.

Liberals truly are a bunch of stupid fuckwits... The men in the picture(who have done more honorable service and sacrifice for their country than lefty perpetual whiners ever will) are following the CORRECT procedure for RESPECTFULLY retiring/disposing of a U.S. flag that has become too worn and frayed to use anymore. If it is possible for Liberals to get their noses out of their copies of The Communist Manifesto and their tongues out of Ted Kennedy's asshole, they might notice that the Honorable veteran in the background is standing at Present Arms, which is the rifle-armed version of saluting with you hand. The lefto's might also notice, (after wiping Jesse Jackson's semen out of their eyes) that the flag is being held up respectfully so it won't touch the ground.

It is absolutely morally reprehensible(and thus oh-so-typically Liberal) to see this pic being used to try to depict something that it is not. These veterans bought the gift of freedom with their blood. They understand what the privilege and the true price of freedom is. They honor the sacrifice of those who gave up all of their tomorrows to keep America free by treating the symbol of that sacrifice with the respect it deserves. Unfortunately, that very same freedom is what allows left-wing nut cases to spout off their particular form of lunacy, and work to destroy the very freedom that allows them to do so. Truly pathetic....

the serrach

i still don't understand why those guys in the picture hate america so much.


You asshole who haven't even got the balls to leave your name might have mentioned all the Repugnant war heroes while you were at it. You know, G. Bush. Dead eye Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and I would imagine, yourself. Well here's one whiney Liberal that was in two fucking wars. How many you been to fuckwit? What's keeping you from joining up and going off to die for the good of corporate America and her rapacious oil companies.


pretending for a moment that there's nothing more important for the government to be doing w/ its time, i believe this proposed amendment actually projects an image of makes America look pretty bad, imo, like an uptight, hypersensative jerk w/ no sense of humour whatsoever, & no faith in itself...i'm not a flag-burner, & indeed, i once even prevented a flag from being burned at a protest, but making flag burning a crime is more unAmerican than burning 1000 flags...i'd rather burn the flag myself than see it become such a symbol of hypocrisy as this law would make it (although i guess that would be appropriate for GW's America)...for fuck's sake, when was the last American flag you saw that wasn't made in China, anyways? &, my earlier annecdote aside (yes, it was at a dirty liberal protest), i'm pretty sure more flags are burned by extreme RIGHTwing asses, such as nazi skinheads, survivalist-militia types, etc...where are the libertarians on this issue? do these guys even exist anymore? this is about Private Property- i paid for it, it's mine, i'll do what i want w/ it, bugger off, see?

the serrach

good stuff tassawwuf. i saw a comment today from one of our fine senators.. he mentioned that we should pass this amendment because many veterans take it personally when folks burn flags. so that would make this the nationally hurt feelings prevention act of 2006.



You realize Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts do this too....

Signed...A Girl Scout Leader

aka: Proud Flag Burner

A Patriot

who ever put this picture, is a complete ass. they should do more reaserch on a topic or a picture and then they should not post their oppinions on somethhing like this. this person looks like a complete fuckhead by saying this, and the people that agreed with it are fuckheads too. THANK YOU to the people that explaned this image to everyone and THANK YOU to those who fought for those colors above. RED WHITE AND BLUE.

Comandante Agi

if people should not be posting their opinions on a subject like this, then what exactly is your comment?

hey A Patriot! you write like a C- Patriot if you ask me.

take a look at the title of our site. do you think we're kidding?

maybe that is our point.

colors run when they get wet and the wind takes all flags. suck it up tough guy.



Crusader AXE

Where do we get these guys? Ah, Fred? Have you ever heard of satire? Not Sartre, although you are probably unfamiliar with him too. Irony? Perhaps sarcasm? I am actually familiar with several cases where someone disposing of a flag properly got walloped for real in the way AGI slammed these guys...By the way, since this is almost a year old post, I gotta wonder if you're reading us forward, or backwards? OR, did you just Google 'flag burning" and respond however to each blog entry? Or, did you just Google "fag burning" and get us? Anyway, get current. I'm sure we are able to offend you currently...

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