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29 May 2006


the serrach

sigh. it's hard to be sarcastic when the world makes me so sad.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

What makes this all so wierd is that it is so much like the Russian occupation/invasion/liberation and it is so much like the British experience. For a while, everything seemed to go well, and then some off the wall nonsense started and everything would go some cases, literally. The Khyber rifles and the NW frontier of the Gunga Din movies and Lives of a Bengal Lancer and The White Feather all happened here...Eastern Iraqisranistan. Things were marginally better in western Iraqiranistan, but not much.

It's not about Islam, it's about strangers. Islam says welcome the stranger; recall that the reason the Taliban refused to give up Osama was the Islamic rules of hospitality. However, we are in the three friends country--my friend, the friend of my friend, and the enemy of my enemy. We are actually friends to a very small segment of the Afghan population...which is sad, but not surprising.

pissed off patricia

I know nothing about this is funny, but one report today did make me laugh. Now the story goes that the American driver lost his brakes and drove into the other cars to slow his truck down. Not the best idea to run into other occupied cars to slow your own down. There might have been a more thoughtful way.

El Comandante

Everyday it becomes clearer and clearer. It is impossible to win the war on terror.

El Comandante


I've located a video of the crash and it appears President Bush was driving


According to what I've heard, the Mission has been Accomplished, we're makin' real progress, and the insurgency is in its last throes. We've turned the corner, there's a light at the end of the tunnel, happy days are here again, and everything's coming up roses for you and for me. That's what they told me. So who should I believe, you, or Our Glorious Infallable Commander-in-Chief™?

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