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28 May 2006



Remember, "the generals" will tell Bush when we've won in Iraq, and what he should do next, presumably draw down the troops.

Maybe they'll just tell Cheney, and he can do it and not have to interrupt Bush's brush clearing in Crawford.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

I gotta find out who these generals are and what army/navy/air force/marine corps they belong to. Not one I am familiar with -- although their understanding of strategy, tactics, logistics operations and intelligence makes me think may the Salvation Army, the Austrian Navy, and the Confederate Air Force.

One of the things repulsive about Bush's speech at the academy was the whole my watch/your watch thing. The war on terrorism probably should be dated to Reagan's watch and the Marine Barracks in 1983; however, we invaded Grenada later that week, so it was all forgotten. Maybe from the first attack on the World Trade Center? Maybe from the Achille Lauro? But, it had been going on for a while when he rode into town, backward and singing Sons of the Pioneer's Songs.

As for TWAT, you cannot defeat a tactic. So, they are all twits. The global war against terrorists would scan pretty well. People you can defeat; ideas you can defeat; tactics just morph into something else.

However, we definitely need to spend a bigger percentage of the budget on Star Wars stuff. We've managed to sort of unite Russia and China in disbelief against us; we might need that crap if they can ever get it to work.


And here at home, Our President is trying to remake our society into a Dickens novel.


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