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31 May 2006


El Comandante

Welcome to California, Axe. I bet you're dissapointed you can't vote in next Tuesday's primary election. We get to choose whether Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee will be defeated by Ahnold in November. On the bright side, I think Barstow has a lot of outlet stores...

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

I want to vote for wtf on all elections. Barstow is having an interesting one -- a local tribe wants to put up a casino. Some other tribes think they might like to put up a casino here -- or not. They funded an initiative to vote on whether or not the first tribe can put up the casino. The tribe has an apporved compact with the state, with the Decisionater. Appears the tribes that are so interested in the possibility of putting up a casino or not already have casinos, in Needles and various other places...So, Jack Abramoff's strategy of Native American Noncooperation appears to be working.

I never get the idea of outlet stores. Last time I was here, I needed deodorant. Only place reasonably convenient with deodorant was the Polo store. Costs less retail...the only bargains are the day after Christmas and on stuff you wouldn't want anyway. It's like the super Nordstrom's outlet store in Phoenix. If you want a plaid Joseph Aboud suit, they probably have one for sale at a really good price...except it's for a plaid suit.


ahh... the good old 909

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