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01 April 2006



Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

We really need to spend more time with Michelle Malikin and Protein Wisdom...and, while we're at it, listening to Chinese opera and beating each other with chains...

Kid Charlemagne

We look forward to reports about what Glenn Reynolds is "really" like!

Spiro T. Agnew

That Atlas Juggs is one hot nabob!

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Please note that although most of our defeatist stuff is made in China or Sri Lanka or North Korea by slave labor using preteenage virgin paraplegics with learning disorders who will be sold into sex slavery if we don't start moving some of this crap, our pet T-shirts are made in the USA by displaced automotive and defense industry workers...USAUSAUSA


Awesome, the new new media!

pissed off patricia

But do the pj's have little trap doors in the back? Seems they might need them when a pissing fit happens.

Neil Shakespeare

Congrats. I'm not sure what the Pajama Media is, but if you think it's gonna help you guys, well...

I just hope you didn't sell out too cheap! I hope they at least give you a dime so you can make that phone call...


Isn't that what dick Durban said, "What's Pajama Media?"

rev the quitter

so which one of us plays the guitar again? i forget.

Comandante Agi

I play guitar. I think Crusader Axe does too if I'm correct. Captain Capitulation raps and Mr. Fundamental plays the washtub bass.

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