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29 April 2006



My take on it exactly.

Why won't the papers just come out and say the obvious.

The government is lying. It is not even a very good lie. Of course, the delay has nothing whatsoever to do with concern for human rights. From these guys--please.

But the press, like little poodles, continues to report whatever bullshit explanations the regime gives as if they made some kind of sense and ought to be taken seriously. Wankers.

your an idiot

Dude, you are so far off base it's not funny. Go eat some shit.

Comandante Agi

props on confusing a possessive pronoun with a subject-verb statement. you rock!

Crusader AXE

Now, Agi, if we start correcting the English of those who attack us with such erudite and compelling logic, where would we be? I keep waiting for one of them to refer to us as part of the mass media...

Here's the deal, Dude. Your an idiot is obviously addicted to shit. That's what the administration has been feeding us since, oh, 1994 with the Contract on America. Yeah, 1994. They have been morally bankrupt and strategically blind ever since the second term of Reagan. GHWB and his team had some morals, some experience, some depth...they lost, because they were unwittingly shackled to a distortion of the conservative thought of Barry Goldwater, William Buckley, and Edmund Burke. Newtin Tootin Gingrich and Dick Armey had some intellectual breadth -- of course, North Georgia State and North Texas State are two of the most impressive schools in...North Georgia and North Texas. But for the rest... however, a significant number although hardly a majority of the voting population of the US hate the fact that freedom exists in a world of reality and nuance. So, they've been successful -- until they got all faith-based not in their domestic policy but in their relations with foriegn powers.
Reality, as the saying goes, does bite.

So, for every John Warner who says basically "get a plan, dude!" the R's have a bizillion illiterate, gill-breathing twits like our friend. I wonder how he happened on to us? Perhaps looking for boobs? Could we set up a meter that would allow everyone who comes to us looking for porn to tell us their political tendencies...that would be interesting.

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