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12 April 2006


mr fun

let's go.

on with it.


What does it say about our country that the only acceptable form of protest is shopping at a less popular retail chain?

Robot Buddha

I've seen these things before...$65 dollars for a fucking pair of canvas tennis shoes? For an ultimate insider "fuck you to THE MAN" that only other insiders will get? You've got to be joking!

Try some Right Action, beeotch! Shop at the Goodwill. Buy a retarded pair of old wingtips for $1.99 and scrawl anti-corporate slogans on them in WhiteOut or something.

Oh, Agi! What's to become of us!?!?!?!

Comandante Agi

Culture jammers et. al. are defeatists. Instead of shopping at Walmart or Macys they shop at Urban Outfitters for rebel chic gear. They're still supporting the capitalist machine.

mr fun

make your own damn shoes.

Comandante Agi

Does Thoreau talk about that in Walden?

mr fun


Rob the Dirty Liberal

Face it. We're all fucked. There is no escaping the capitalist monster.

mr fun

I don't find much wrong with anything these days.

Comandante Agí

Being content is a good thing.

mr fun

I don't find much wrong with anything these days.

mr fun

surprisingly I'm never happy when I'm happy.

it is much more difficult to accept the world as it is than it is to reject it at every turn.

Comandante Agi

Hence the reason why people would rather escape reality than face it. There are a multitude of distractions for us.

Yep, it's so much easier to complain about something than it is to accept it for what it is.


You mean I can't polish a brick into a mirrior?

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