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09 March 2006


Magnus Malmborn

Just forgot:
"Christmas with the devil" - Spinal Tap (a big Thank You to The General)
"Carol of the Old Ones" - HP Lovecraft Historical Society

Michael Berlin

MMMBop - Hanson
The Pope Does Not Smoke Dope (Even If He Should) - Gregory Gray
It's a Sin - Pet Shop Boys
The Patience of a Saint - Electronic
Happiness Is Easy - Talk Talk
Religion I, Religion II, Fodderstompf - Public Image, Ltd.
Tomorrow Belongs to Me - Cabaret Soundtrack
Dominique - Soeur Sourire (aka The Singing Nun)
I Love Little Pussy - Little Marcy
Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
Bodies - Sex Pistols
Havin' My Baby - Paul Anka
MMMBop (Live) - Hanson


Gotta go with Amen's "Jesus F*cks."

reverend gisher

Moving To Florida Lyrics

Well, well I been movin' down to Florida.
And I'm gonna bowl me a perfect game.
Well I'm gonna cut off my leg down in Florida, child.
And I'm gonna dance one-legged off in the rain.
Now, they say that Sidney Poitier was a blind man.
And they say that LBJ was a Soviet Jew.
When I go down Florida Way,
They're ain't no kind of sexual healing that I would not, could not, should
Not do, stick it right here.
Well I been movin' down to Florida.
I'm gonna potty train the chairman Mao.
I'm gonna make the governor write my doodoo a letter, child.
And I'm gonna grind me up a White Castle side out of India's sacred cow.
Well, I been movin' down Florida Way,
And I'm gonna build me the atomic bomb.
Well, I'm gonna hold time hostage down in Florida, child.
Ain't nobody, said ain't nobody gonna tell me what to do. Right here.
By this time I guess you've figured out about Florida.
Drink the muddy water in the Vaseline stain.
They be makin' tadpoles the size of Americans down in Florida.
That be tellin' Julio Iglesias what to sing, now.
Now, whoever said that Sidney Poitier was a blind man,
Knew the same of Elvis Presley, too.
When I go down Florida Way,
Ain't nobody, said ain't nobody gonna tell me what to do. Right here.
Well I been goin' down to Florida.
Pole cats lie naked in the Seminole sin.
When I go down Florida Way,
Like Vince, I wanna' win.
Well I went down to Florida.
I got away.
I took the children down to Florida.
I stuck the dick down the drain.
Get that boy down to Florida.
Give him a switch blade.
Tell him what to do.

from the rembrant pussyhorse album, one of the two best from the buttholers.

the Dogfather

The late, great Curtis Mayfield of course:

Don't Worry... (if there's hell below we're all gonna go)


Jesus Built My Hotrod - Ministry

Or should be Jesus Bult My Popemobil?

Left of Center

Kill the Poor: The Dead Kennedys
Black Sabbath" Black Sabbath
Get behind me Satan: White Stripes

comandante agi

Homo Rainbow by Ween


P.I.M.P. by 50 Cent, because he dresses like one


RE: Whoa. Chewch, did you just throw nuclear assault into the mix? i forgot they existed.

Not only did I throw them out there, but I got plenty more where that came from... :)

How about Virus? Or how about the original (and better) Incubus... Everyone knows the crappy American version, but there was a Brazilian version long before - with one of the fastest drummers of all time...


"Poke at the Pope" – Donovan
"Joystick Jesus" – The Range
"Pope on a Rope" – The Bang Sisters
"Iron Nails Run In" – New World of Dumb
"I Have Sinned" – Acid Rodeo
"Porco Dio" – Madonna Lupe
"Cosmic Joke" – Arlo Stutts

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Horst Wessel Lied
Thus Spake Zarathustra
The Collected Works of Marianne Faithful
What's so funny about peace love and understanding
I fought the Law (Clash Version)
Beer Drinkin and Hell-raising
Bulgarian Women's Choir (Just because)

This is really like multiplying fish, putting them in a barrel and shooting them...


"High on Jesus"

"They Don't Make Jews Like Jesus Anymore"

Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys

The Iron Duke

Catholic World by M.O.T.O.


You guys quit fuckin' with Benedict the Denier.

What's a little Jugend-Pope between friends?

I mean, it's not like he's asked to change the name "College of Cardinals" to...

"The Holy Einsatzgruppen", or anything.


A few more suggestions:

Tiger Lillies especially Banging in the Nails (very cheery), Mary, Jesus on the Windshield, and Crack of Doom

Diamanda Galis Plague Mass (that should make his ears bleed)

Chumbawamba Look! No Strings!

or anything by Pansy Division

comandante agi

We need something in his native German...

Rammstein, baby!


how about:
personal jesus - depeche mode
Golgotha tennement blues -from "the crow" 1 sound track
born with a tail -supersuckers


Kinky Freidman's "They don't make Jews like Jesus anymore" is a must.

"Catholic girls" (with a tiny little moustache) by F Zappa is another.

'I'm on the drugs that killed River Phoenix' might be another.


Kinky Freidman's "They don't make Jews like Jesus anymore" is a must.

"Catholic girls" (with a tiny little moustache) by F Zappa is another.

'I'm on the drugs that killed River Phoenix' might be another.


Sorry bout the double post


Chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits

Neil Shakespeare

I don't what he's listening to, but it sure has made him scary lookin'. I'll go with 'Nearer My God To Thee'. It looks like he's almost there.


Ride of the Valkyries
Springtime for Hitler
Notre Dame Fight Song
Horst Wessel Song
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)


The entire Fatima Mansions catalog, but especially "Popemobile to Paraguay"

"The king of the papists/is a friend of the rapists/and the upside-down crucifixion squad."


"Katheen" - Randy Newman
"Magdalena" - Frank Zappa

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