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09 March 2006



The entire Frank Zappa catalog.


Has "Dashboard Jesus" by the Flaming Lips already been added? Damn this place blew up!


how about "i touch myself" or "aqualung"


I hope nobody ever looks at me with the facial expressions the pope is displaying. he looks like he just bite the head off of a puppy


"Godwhacker" -- Steely Dan


Also, "Slang of Ages" -- Steely Dan

rev. quitter

god whacker is more like it.. coming from somone named onan.

comandante agi

two more for onan:

"Blister in the Sun" - The Violent Femmes
"Turning Japanese" - The Vapors


Dear God, I have never seen a picture where that man doesn't look like the incarnation of pure, unadulterated evil.

Well, McHell’s Navy is finally up, with custom, exclusive Photoshopped images from none other than The Dood Abides of DKos and My Left Wing fame. Enjoy.


How about:

It's HARD out here for a pimp?

Just can't get that out of my head for some reason.

rev. quitter

poor pimps.


Choking Victim - their whole "No Gods No Managers" album

"We're gonna have to execute some rich important people, gonna burn down all the churches and topple all the steeples"

mr fun

wilco - jesus, etc

nirvana - in utero - heart shpaed box I think is in reference to jesus` vagina.

i hear mohummed was a hermaphrodite.


Like a Prayer - Madonna

Nathan Wazoo

I was worried that no one would mention Jethro Tull, until TomWasHere finally brought up "Aqualung." Any song on that album will do.


I'm really surprised no one has listed anything by Nine Inch Nails.

Terrible lie:
"hey God, i believed your promises, your promises and lies"

"god is dead and no one cares
if there is a hell i'll see you there"

And pretty much the whole Downward Spiral album.

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Crusader AXE

Dude, AGI wrote this almost six years ago. And, Ratzinger is now into Death Metal...

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