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09 March 2006



The picture is priceless. I wonder if Apple will use it in its advertising. He's gotta be be one of the most sinister looking people on the face of the planet.

There are so many. He's definitely gotta have:

The Vatican Rag--Tom Lehrer
Sinister Rouge--Bad Religion
I Don't Wanna Be No Catholic--Dead Boys
Gott in Himmel--Nina Hagen (= Spirit in the Sky) He is German, after all.


How about Opiate by Tool
Maybe something like Hand in Glove or Handsome Devil by the Smiths
Just throw the entire Bad Religion catalog on there.

the reverend t. quitter

Fuck Religion - by Propagandhi

The Reverend Ronald Simms

Select songs from the Dead Kennedys' albums:

- Frankenchrist

- In God We Trust, Inc. (esp. "Religious Vomit")


Imitation of Christ by the Psychedelic Furs...

Bakelite Lung

How about Bill Joel's "Only the Good Die Young?"

Come on Virginia, don't hesitate
You Catholic girls start much too late


I've been waiting for the pope to take suggestions...

"Hang the Pope" by Nuclear Assault
"Psalm 69" by Ministry
"Cattle Mutilation" by Rigor Mortis
"The Church Bizarre" by Sabbat
"The Desert Song" by God Machine
"Sex, God, Sex" by Swans

And just for something a little more Pop-oriented:
"Karen" by The National

Happy listening, Popey!


jesus of suburbia-Green Day

Triumphal Elitist Regular Guy

Catholic Boy - Jim Carroll
Vicar in a Tutu - The Smiths
Blasphemous Rumors - Depeche Mode
Godless - The Dandy Warhols
Fairy Tale of New York - The Pogues


Velid said: "Just throw the entire Bad Religion catalog on there."


Eulogy; Sober; Third Eye - Tool
Sheep - Pink Floyd

why not

Jesus entering through the rear by the Feederz


Fascist Christ- Todd Rundgren

the reverend t. quitter

Whoa. Chewch, did you just throw nuclear assault into the mix? i forgot they existed.

Planet B

Dear God - XTC
Armageddon Days Are Here (Again) - The The


Bigger Than the Devil - SOD

the reverend t. quitter

All The Young Dudes?


Is it just me or does the Pope look like the Heatmiser's brother, Snowmiser?

So I suggest:

The Snowmiser's Song (from The Year Without a Santa Claus)- as sung by the immortal Dick Shawn

Rob the Dirty Liberal

"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta" by Geto Boys

And now I got the world swingin by my nuts
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta

Perfect for the Nazi Pope


"Antipope" - The Damned
(And "I Just Can't Be Happy Today" from the same album if there's any room left for it.)


down on my knees - crucifucks
jesus entering from the rear - feederz
religion - public image ltd.
corpus christi - avengers
catholic boy - channel 3
anti-pope - damned
no god - germs
jesus was way cool - king missle
any venom
b-i-bickey-bi, bo-bo-go - gene vincent (just because it's a great song)

comandante agi

We should throw in the entire Tommy album. A deaf, dumb, blind boy who gets molested by his uncle and then develops a Christ complex...the priests will dig that story line.


The Pope Smokes Dope-David Peel

Plastic Jesus- numerous most notably Paul Newman in Cool Hand Look

Church of the Poisoned Mind- Boy George


"pulse" - the psychedelic furs
"jesus shooting heroin"- flaming lips
"catholic girls"- frank zappa
"i love little girls" with the appropriate words changed- Oingo Boingo
"the shah sleeps in lee harvey's grave"- butthole surfers
"hymn no. 43"- jethro tull
"tooling for anus"- the meatmen
the entire mentors and gg allin catalogs


Death or Glory- The Clash

Something like: "He who fucks nuns will end up in the church."

Magnus Malmborn

Just because we love Papa Ratzi...

"Open the gates" - Dark Funeral
"Die zehn Gebote" - die Toten Hosen
"God is dead" - Clawfinger

On second thought, all of Dark Funeral.

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