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29 March 2006


Comandante Agí

Wow. Can't we just give them Kansas and be done with it?

Raymond Hall

The idea of a Theocratic Union was birthed as a reaction to the moral bankrupcy apparent in our modern world. Just as people are comprised of first spirit, then soul, then lastly does society have a sociological spirit, soul, and body. The spirit of much of the modern world is apathetic, with a soul of selfishness, and a populous driven by consumption. A Judeo - Christian ethic is largely missing from our modern day world....hence godless acts such as Columbine and Virginia Tech shootings are more rampant in occurance. I wish there was more union and cooperation in our world when talking about economics and finance, and I also wish there was more respect for God and His moral standards.

actually, I only blame God for Columbine and VaTech. clearly He had his hand in it.

what the fuck is a Judeo-Christian ethic anyway?

quit wishing your ideals on the world and learn to love it as arbitrary and senseless as it is.

more rampant? are you high? these events are such one-off's. did you watch the idiot's video? he was INSANE. INSANE. not right in any way shape or form in the head. and you think it's society's fault?

make sure to buckle up tonight - I do fear for your safety.

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