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29 March 2006


rev the quitter

humanity's love of symbols might have something to do with it's obession with the "other." if we are to be truly defeated, we need to fear the other more. find more others. when one is found to be harmless.. another is right behind him. terrorists. communists. "illegals".

you name it.

I blame Alexander Hamilton.

this whole idea of national sovereignty is just bogus. except for the whole *protection* thing. sure there's enemies of the united states, so long as a you can define the US as a collective. try doing that with a brain.

in defense, we stick together. otherwise, you're on your own.

as for the coalescense of capital, Mr. Hamilton: more money more problems.

unless you're walmart. oh, wait.

do you know that immigrants, illegal or otherwise, send home each year, several billion dollars. their families can then invest that money into all sorts of things that they need, as they see fit. I say we allow in more people. here, you can have my job. please, take it.

people who wave flags, either ours or theirs, have issues.

mr. fun

did I mention:

fuck yeah!


Why would we want to be members of any club that would have us as members? Isn't that what being a Defeatist is all about?

rev the quitter

so we would wave the flag of flaglessness?

the wind takes all flags, eh?

Comandante Agí

How about Anti-flag?

rev the quitter

i guess we better go back to our standard issue white flag

yes! raise that shit.

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