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22 March 2006


Comandante Agí

This is actually completely rational from a law enforcement point of view. Why should cops wait outside bars hoping to catch bumbling drunks on their way out of the joint when they can simply bust people inside?

If you want some honey, simply go to the bee hive.

If the state wasn't here to protect us, we might end up stepping into traffic, falling off a balcony or pissing on a electric generator. God bless the rational security state!

Maverick Bibliographer

Hey, has anyone wondered if maybe those drunks walking into traffic and falling/jumping off balconies are just nature's way of thinning the herd? I mean, let's get a little Darwinian here and say it is all part of natural selection. The dumb ones get drunk, are less fit, and thus they die. With the cops busting them inside the bar, would this not interfere with a natural process?


If we abort more black babies, will crime then go down?


If we abort everyone, crime will go WAY down. So will interest rates, greenhouse gasses, and ATM fees.

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officer, thank god you showed up! i think these people have been drinking.

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Not exactly related to this post but... are you going to discuss the possible revival of the Fairness Doctrine? It sounds like a law being passed in Atlas Shrugged.

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