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24 January 2006


Robot Buddha

Agi: that was in response to my question further up thread:

"Besides Jeff Goldstein, who else here has served in the Armed Forces?" I gave the name "Jeff's ol' Army Buddy from Ft. Apache."

That got all of mouth-breathing rageaholics going for awhile.

I was in the Army for 3 years, from '82-'85, and spent a year in Korea--either manning an observation post along the DMZ, or out in the field. Kim Il Sung was in charge back then--not his son, Lil' Softy. So I think I've got the street cred to ask questions of the mob-o-brutes.

Their talk of war and all things military sounds a lot like locker room bragadocia about pussy; but, as we all know, those who talk about "it" the most have the least experience.

comandante agi

I think the most formative military experiences Protein Wisdom readers have had is from playing first-person shooter video games in their parents' basements. They must have fast hand-eye coordination.

Robot Buddha

Exactly. "Halo" and whatever. Big "Guns and Ammo" fetishists too. Their knowledge of military tactics and strategem comes from 3 day D&D/Risk/Stratego/Magik binges. The Civil War Reenacting crowd. Pathetic. Do I generalize much?

the quitter

this is just another un-wasted opportunity for j.g. to talk about hisself. nothing more.

Rob the Dirty Liberal

When someone writes something like that, I immediately think "this man must have the smallest penis on earth if he has to overcompensate this much".

the quitter

what if i were to tell you that jeff drives a humongous lifted 4x4?

Crusader AX E of the Lost Causes

Dave Barry wrote a wonderful column about levitra, big rigs and the Super Bowl...I wish he'd write a blog instead of Protein Wisdom...

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