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25 January 2006


comandante agi

Here's what my friend said...

You know when you are driving on the freeway and you get killed by a drunk driver? That's God.

the quitter

how about when you are sitting at home in new orleans and a hurricane wipes out purt' near the whole city? that's god sneezing. ain't it cute?

Rob the Dirty Liberal

You know the northern lights? That's god lighting up his bong

the quitter

your mom got blowed up real good by a land mine in tikrit? that's him too.


AHAHA I'm so glad I sent Sean this email and that it made it all the way to a real live post. I'm also glad that it says, "THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE!" because it further proves that Christianity wants you to ignore logic.


you know when you are temped to use logic?

thats actually not god/dad/me or the holy sprit, or any part of the trinity for that matter. we're still not sure why it happens, but when we find out, someone is going to hell. try not to make it a habit...

comandante agi

Thanks for sending that Brittney.

Jesus: When you have an answer, give us a ring, will ya?

Check this out: God is doing his work in Iraq right now

ac patriot

The night of the fight, you may feel a slight sting. That's God fucking with you. Fuck God. God only hurts, it never helps.

Neil Shakespeare

Is Jesus back? Did I miss it? Where did he land? Did anyone see it?


like a theif in the night baby...

comandante agi

Smart went crazy but where did you go?

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