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24 January 2006


Ames Tiedeman

I like you guys. I have read every word on this blog. I would not bother if you did not have some amazingly sarcastic witt about all of you !

the serrach

yaaaawwwn... oh ames.. you still here?

mes Tiedeman

I'll take that yawwwnnn..

Ames Tiedeman


Jay Spalwing

I can't believe Ames admitted he likes this site!

Conrad Webber

Nice post Robot. Spartwel, you say subvert our troops? Please explain.

Conrad Webber

Mr. Spartwel,

You state this:

Writing in 1848 during the Mexican-American War -- a war prosecuted
on the flimsiest of pretexts with the most questionable of motives --

Question: Do you beleive this or is the copy from a scholar?


the serrach

yeah Jay. he would be the first.

Jay Spalwing

Nah, many people like this site. It is good. He is not the first or only. I am a fan too. Different points of view are what makes the world so WORDLY!

Jay Spalwing

What is everyones take on the NYT?

the serrach

mmmmm.. never heard of it.

Comandante Agi

The NYT has decent group of actors. God Save the Teen sounds somewhat intriguing.

Jay Spalwing

I read the Times and generally like it.

Jay Spalwing

What does everyone think about the government going after the Times. What about freedom of speech?

Comandante Agi

No, what do you think Ames/Jay/Conrad?

Jeff Bellows

I think the Times was wrong.

Jay Spalwing

The Times is a great newspaper. This is a sad chapter. I especially like the crossword puzzles.
I am not sure what to make of any of this.

the serrach

i think this nonsense with the times/post/times has little to do with the quality of the paper (which is shiite/pretty good/decent (repsectively)) and more to do with the republican war on freedom. facscim comes on tiptoe feet.

Jay Spalwing

Interesting perspective. the serrach: When the Clinton Administration lobbied the Washinton Post and the New York Times no fewer than 2,060 times over an 8 year period, not to publish certain things, ( acccording the the Congressional Oversight Committee) did you post on the internet that the Democratic Party was was at WAR with FREEDOM?

Comandante Agi

Republicans hate freedom.
Democrats hate freedom.
You hate freedom.
I hate freedom.
We all hate freedom, and love laws.

Jeff Bellows


Comandante Agi

me too! yay!

Jeff Bellows


Ames  Tiedeman

Looks like the Deomcrats are going to win the House..

The Senate will be extremly close. I think the Democrats may take the Senate as well.

the serrach says..

never underestimate the overwhelming power of the democrats to royally screw things up.

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