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23 January 2006


Neil Shakespeare

Well, it's kinda nice to see somebody besides Steinbrenner with enough money to buy a championship. It's the American Way!

comandante agi

I don't really understand American football. The only sport I'm into is the real futbol, so I can't wait for World Cup this year.

That said, every year Super Bowl is an excuse for me to get drunk of my ass and enjoy over-hyped commercials.

the quitter

you folks could always upgrade to the true defeatists sport. of course you'll be expected to participate as well as spectate.

Crusader AX E of the Lost Causes

There is only one possible sport for defeatists -- German style team handball. It's kind of like lacrosse only without the sticks...Hurling is another possibility, of course. It's like field hockey except you have to keep the ball from hitting the ground as you run around with the damn thing on the end of the stick...Box lacrosse is another option -- it's lacrosse, played inside on a basketball court sized area.

Basically, a defeatist sport goes too fast to keep up with, has the potential for serious physical harm to the participants and anyone nearby, and is obscure in terms of rules and origin...

Neil Shakespeare

The true Defeatist sport is golf. Not playing it. Watching it.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Curling...that would combine the watching golf side with the total purposelessness of the endeavor...

comandante agi

Curling is defintely a defeatist sport. Who plays that game except for people who are fond of sweeping and mopping the floor?

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