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31 January 2006


Rob the Dirty Liberal

every American will have affordable access to broadband within five years

That's it? That's the best the Democrats could come up with? Fucking Pathetic.

Crusader AX E of the Lost Causes

I'm assuming Pelosi said something else...this is like ending world poverty by getting people in Zaire on the internet...Gates has removed himself from that line; amazing what a visit to reality can do. Healthcare, jobs, senior medicare benefit, end to setasides and all the rest; Broadband is not on the order of magnitude of any of those things. Hell, the SW is on fire and parts of Ectopia are up to the 45th consecutive day of rain. Will can be snarky, but he's able to use the language well. Bush probably thinks Edmund Burke was the star of a TV show in the 60s, called Burke's Law. It starred Gene Berry and was awful...not so awful as this administration, but close...

Which one of the two is Andy Card? You know how it is with pets and people, after a while they all start to look alike.

Here's a thought -- the federal government is run by Hobbits. These fuckers aren't venal, evil, malodorous assholes; they're just ineffectual fuckers who run around worrying about democratic elections where the most complicated thing anyone has seen lately is a goat or how to hook up hookers to broadband? Which could be a new form of performance art...

The Disgruntled Chemist

I’ve decided to skip the speech.

Hey, what happened to that? I'm glad you came, though. That Bush impersonation was funny shit.

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