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20 December 2005


comandante agi

Mass transit in our area would be awesome.


that just makes no sense to me. there's no public transit, and yet local officials create new rules to further frustrate the situation. what a perfect picture of the ineffectuality of government.

comandante agi

According to Protein Wisdom lingo, those local officials would be considered "fucktards".

mr. fun

because of the gridlock potential.

I worked at Sears hardware one summer and I had to join a union to become an employee. there is no in between. kind of lame if you ask me.

but I mean hey. the poor huddled masses are wreaking havoc on the huddled masses. kind of fun.

Neil Shakespeare

I really enjoyed seeing all those people walking together across that bridge. Just think what wonders this is going to do for the fitness of New Yorkers! Still, those were the faces of desperation, those poor workaday souls who still have not discovered the saving powers of defeatism. Alas...

comandante agi

Unions are a good idea in theory. But in the real world they are run by hobbits. Remember the SoCal supermarket strike? The unions eventually caved in and ended up screwing over their own workers. So much good that five-month long strike did. Thanks to that strike I now shop at Trader Joes.

the quitter

yes. the best thing about the supermarket strike was that i realized i dont ever need to step foot into one of their five million square foot stores. a combination of trader joes, whole paycheck market, local farmers markets, and the countless mexican bodegas around town suffice.


52% in favor of MTA's action in latest poll ... they'd better not blow it.
It's 26 degrees here, but I have only a 10 minute walk to work. No subways/buses involved.

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