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27 December 2005


Neil Shakespeare

LOL! That is PRECIOUS!! Thank God for Jesus!


oh lordy priceless....last week we saw this little old sweet lady call up and read the Definition of Fascism on CSpan to Brian and three Baltimore Sun reporters, it was amazing, " I am not done dear, now it says right here in my Government History book that it is dangerous when Religion and the Military become the Main focuses, and especially if the Media is controlled by such agendas, says it right here....hello, hello, excuse me did we lose the connection?".....

Robot Buddha

I wish people would make up their fucking minds! First it's "I killed my co-workers because God told me to..." then it's "I killed my co-workers because there was no God to tell me not to..." Come on...


Right. I would have no reason not to sacrifice little Isaac here, if I didn't believe in god.


What the hell is wrong with me? Here I am, and atheist, and I obey the rules of society (mostly) and am an upstanding citizen. Maybe I missed a memo somewhere? Should I be out stealing, cheating, lying, murdering and creating mayhem? Sniff... I guess I'm a failure as an atheist... sniff...


This reminded me of a pious quote:

``I am sorry for the people I killed and the people I hurt. The reason you don't see any more tears is I have been forgiven by God.''

-Luke Woodham (a teenager who shot and killed two high school students and wounded seven, after his conviction on June 13th, 1998)

comandante agi

Woodham sounds so certain that God has forgiven him. Does he ever wonder if "God" is really just his own delusional superego?

The idea that without God humans would rape, murder, and torture other humans is ludicrous. I think "God" has encouraged more rape, murder, and torture throughout history than he/she/it has prevented.

Here's one of my favorite quotes on the matter:

"And I'm for the president to chase them all over the world. If it takes 10 years, blow them all away in the name of the Lord." - Jerry Falwell, Oct. 24, 2004, giving support to Bush's War on Terror

Stephen Gordon

That's pretty scary, considering that I live in Alabama.

I imagine that caller is voting for Roy Moore for governor.

The Green Knight

Replace the word "God" with any other kind of absolutism, and you've got the essential problem with the modern right wing. They really do think that if you don't believe in what they do, and for the same reasons, then you believe in nothing and are just an animal.

If it wasn't God it would be something else for people like that.

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