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  • "I can never quite tell if the defeatists are conservative satirists poking fun at the left or simply retards. Or both. Retarded satire, perhaps?" - Kyle

  • "You're an effete fucktard" - Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom

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14 December 2005



I would think definition 3 for effete matches up well with definition 1 for limp-wristed.

rev. quitter

yeah, it would. in fact, definition #2 pretty much describes us defeatists to a tee. however, effete, was not the chosen word.

comandante agi

Effete? C'est un mot francais, n'est-ce pas?

Jeff G

I stand by what I said. You're an effete fucktard who came to my site and burned my bandwidth -- all unmolested by me.

Until you decided to take a gratuitous shot at me. At which point I pointed out what you were.

Don't know if you smoke the cock or not. But that's not what I meant. Curious that you keep trying to use the second definition instead of one or three. And effete? A synonym for limp-wristed, amazingly enough.

I'd say your own homophobia is showing, "rev."

reverend quitter

hey man, sorry again for hurting your feelings, i had no idea how easy it would be. for the edification of folks who have better things to do than wade through 72+ comments, here is the offending comment.

"...besides, we thought this whole site was satire. it is, isn’t it?"

sometimes i really cross the line.

mr fun

word up Jeff G graces us with his presence and prose. outstanding. we've made the big time boys!

I'd hate to say it but I think we won one.

nah, can't be.

Jeff G, I'm trying to straighten out some of the chumps that inhabit this place. granted, I can't fall in line completely with you and your beliefs. but I can use you and your blog to wake someah deez fuckahz up in regards to their blatant liberalsocialistgroupthink. (really it's one world, I mean word) unless you just like to pander to your own kind. I'm sick of my own kind, look at these chumps. what a bunch of losers. except for HTM. he's right on.

it's just hard to buckle their knees down, and we do get carried away sometimes. fucktard is completely appropriate. kneejerkfucktardhomophobe, really works well.

it will be a slow painful reformation. but at least defeatists have an outlet! think of this as group therapy, with no hope for a cure. you know, like republicans look at AIDS. maybe. because, well, you know, we're apoplectic. we can play the same games with identity politics as you do on your site. it's fun! let's show the world what defeatism is all about.

and I mean that in the nicest possible way.


ps. you rock.

mr fun

he called you an "effete fucktard."

finally - someone "gets" us.

oh bestill my heart.

Robot buddha

"Smoke the cock?"
Jeff G. is a poet, I'll give him that, but I never could keep the damn thing lit... Maybe he knows how.

reverend quitter

robot buddha exhibits a sense of humour. that's all i ever ask of anyone. you may hate us defeatists r.b., but we like you. we like jeff too, but mainly the funny-says-things-like-smokes-cock-jeff g. and not so much the takes-hisself-way-too-seriously-and-gets-all-enraged-jeff g.

engorged. not enraged. that's the way we like ya.

Robot buddha

Actually I started to write you a glowing love letter about how I admired your site and your ethos, but then I sort of lost interest and...well why bother?

comandante agi

Et tu, Mr. Fundamental?

In all actuality I prefer being called a "motard". "Effete Fucktard" is too French.

reverend quitter

that IS a defeatists! love letter.

comandante agi

Jeff G, you take yourself way too seriously. If you lightened up a bit then maybe you would understand the "je ne sais quoi" that is the defeatists.

See, I didn't really understand the defeatists until I had been blogging with them for about two months. Now I am just starting to get it. My journey towards defeatism is just beginning. And actually, during the past two months I've been blogging here, my leftism has been slowly dying...

Robot buddha

And "motard" sounds like "moutard," which is is again French, as in French's Mustard.

comandante agi

J'aime le moutard de Dijon avec mon sandwiches.

reverend quitter

yo tambien. also, somtimes on pomme de terre. now THAT is possibly the best word of all. it may even apply to us. apples of the dirt. dirt apples.

comandante agi

Apples in the dirt sounds like a cheap organic version of diamonds in the rough. Either way we suck.

Viva las derrotistas!

mr fun

I've been stamping it out as hard as I can.

If only it weren't so easy to point out hypocrisy and all that's wrong with this world.

We suck. Me especially.

comandante agi

Keep it up Mr. Fundamental. You are our defeatist agitator of sorts. And where is HTM to provide clarity and spiritual guidance?

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