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10 December 2005


Neil Shakespeare

there they go again, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Herr "Ausweiss, bitte"

I just don't understand how you miserable defeatists can't see that glorious Final Victory is always just one step away... even though the Holy War on Terror is endless, Victory is almost within our grasp.. or it would be, if it wasn't for the satanic forces of ultimate darkness like yourselves, whose negative vibes and gloomy utterances are more powerful than all the WMD's in the world.

Why can't you just have faith in our President, our leader, he who was annointed by God to take back the World for Jesus????? There's a pretty spot in hell awaiting mass murderers like you, who cause more death and horror with your lack of belief than all the wreckless invasions in history.

I rebuke you.

Holier Than Mao

Dude, don't you get it? Jesus LEFT THE WORLD FOR A REASON. He doesn't want it back NOW, I'm quite sure.


Holier Than Mao

Oh, and of course we have to retaliate with a meme of our own.

Howabout... the (R) stands for Raging Assholes. Or... the (R) stands for Rummy's my Daddy, or...


the quitter

ummmm "The (R) is for aRsehole"?

comandante agi

Repulsive? Repugnant? Rancorous? Rat shit eating bastards?

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