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25 December 2005


reverend quitter

agi. you have outdone yourself. defeaters beware!

Robot Buddha


Robot Buddha

Bravissimo! I suck.

mr fun

oh terri, why did you give in?


well done, Agi.

the quitter

one thing agi. you forgot the single finest image from the shiavo thing, if not the entire year.

comandante agi

Thanks Reverend, I was looking for that pic and couldn't find it. Leave it to a young punkass in a Ramones t-shirt to pull that shit. Awesome. I also couldn't find a pic of the guy giving Nazi salutes and goose-stepping in front of Terri's hospital.

Neil Shakespeare

DEAR COMMANDANTE ET AL: I have published your Top Ten List over at my blog and linked to it, in the hope that it will aid the cause. I have also linked to you and done a blockquote on your MANIFESTO.


Blog rules. Propaghandi sucks. But you made up for it with Steve Earle and The Popes. But the DK's haven't aged well. But... aw, I give up.

comandante agi

Thanks for spreading the defeatist message, Neil. You will be rewarded in the afterlife with forty virgins.

Helmut, You can thank Crusader Axe for Steve Earle and the Popes--those are his musical choices. As for Propaghandi, I've never listened to them. Dead Kennedy's didn't age well because Jello is no longer with them. Their first album is still killer. Thanks for stoppping by...


I have some quibbles with your list, but at this point, this late in the year, I am, ... defeated ...

Night Bird

But there is a blogsphere far beyond this one and I have come to know some really amazing people...[more]

Ames Tiedeman

You people Mock everything right and rejoice to everything wrong...

So sad...

Comandante Agi

If you despise our blog so greatly why do you keep coming back?

You people Mock everything right and rejoice to everything wrong...

Aww, Ames, perhaps you finally understand us. My heart is filled with cheer.

Sprinkles Destroyer of Worlds

Why am I not suprised that you biggets are celebrating the death of a man who thought his actions were rightouse, instead focusing your attention on the corruption that is not overseas, you find it ammusing to post pictures of a dead man...dont get me wrong,I dont support them, but dont you think that posting a dead mans face for all to see, is lowering ourselves to there levels. The degredation to your morality is kind of amusing to a 16 year old such as myself,i dont understand how you can all sleep at night knowing that Most of you probably voted for our ignorant sadist leader. Pay attention sometime, you will find that most of the shit you all bitch about is mild mannered compared to what we have right here in America. Anyways peace out, love to the juggalo nation


You guys tried to block me out, but i am back, the only reason you blocked me out is becuase you know i was right, sprinkles is rarely wrong

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