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23 November 2005


the quitter

people with mustaches kill people.

Neil Shakespeare

I learned "Firearms Safety" from the master: Otto Blood. I kid you not. His name was Otto Blood. That was over 40 years ago, so I suppose he's Otto Dirt by now.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

I've shot a lot of guns. I've trained a lot of women to shoot guns. I enjoy shooting up to a point -- the point I reached 9 years ago the last time I actually shot a weapon. Frankly, the first thing you teach people when shooting is to shoot between breathes, so howling like a wolf would be a bad idea. The next thing you teach them is not to go looking for trouble -- and, a bear is not something you want to go looking to shoot. Unless you are really good, or have a really big gun -- say, a nuclear capable cannon -- or really know what you are doing. Archery is harder than shooting, so howling while shooting is also a bad idea. However, if you are in the woods and hear a lot of Ahhhooohhhhs followed by gunfire, that's nature's way of saying go somewhere else, rabid hobbitesses are in the area.

By the way, women are easier to train to shoot well than men. They aren't confused, and think watching a Steven Segal film qualifies them to use a handgun, rifle or anti-tank rifle...


Now that they have learned how to shoot properly, they can pick apart all the trigger jerks and improper grips that they see in the movies.

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