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30 November 2005


Herr "Ausweiss, bitte"

So why the FU%$#%$#% is it that Lieberman is a Democrat???


Go away, Lieberman. Please, just pack your bags and head over to the land of cultural conservatism/reaction where you belong.

Why would anyone on the Left support this guy?????

comandante agi

The power of video games are unfathomable. I haven't even played Grand Theft Auto, but just watching the advertisements makes me want to carjack an old lady.

Stephen Gordon

At least we know our glorious Executive Officer is safe, as the article reports that Stubbs the Zombie eats the BRAINS of his victims.

comandante agi

That means Dick Cheney is not safe, considering he is the "brains" of the operation.


Wait wait ... cannibalism is wrong?


I hope this game is rated M.

Neil Shakespeare

Do I have to CHOOSE between cannibalism and torture, Ma? Can't I do both? Please! Please!


Is Joementum running as a republican for 2008?

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Must have overdone the bitter and the salt on Yom Kippur...

If the greatest fear we have is video games about brain eating zombies, life is good.

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