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29 November 2005


comandante agi t. prop

Ah, HTM! For a second there I thought all six of us had coalesced back into one singular being simply known as "the defeatists".

I love the Vatican's three year rule. How did they decide that after three years of celibacy a homosexual is no longer "instrincally evil"? Maybe the Vatican subsidizes heterosexual re-education classes? Hmm.

Priests relate so well to men and women that they are usually in charge of the Church's marriage counseling programs. After all, who knows more about relationships than a celibate guy!

the quitter

Has the last three decades of research in sexuality simply passed these people by?

to be blunt, yes. along with the last -however many- decades of science on any given subject from evolution to carbon dating.

what really tickles my noodle is that these folks ("believers") just ignore bits and pieces of science and select other bits which are based on the same principles as long as they don't interfere with their superstition (wow, that's a crummy run-on sentence).

how can they believe that the avian flu can mutate into a human carried virus when they do not believe in evolution. how can they justify believing in the use of DNA to convict (or release) criminals? if science is so suspect?

silly, ain't it?

the quitter

coalesce like brundlefly?

mr fun

well, they are trying to explain away homosexuality using soft science. hehe, soft science. I wonder if they know it's call that.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

I actually kind of get this. They're fucking idiots.

Especially about fucking. Read Jimmy Breslin's book, The Church that Forgot Christ. I find this riff absurd - the issue had to do with pedophiles...

A Lawyer of my acquaintance and patronage told me about his realization that gay-ness was not a choice. His best friend in law school was gay; over too many beers one night he said, "Choice? I"m an idiot, right! I chose a sexual orientation that some states make illegal, my family is ashamed off, that makes people giggle at me, that can cost me a job and, oh yeah, if I'm not really careful can get me killed if I go to the wrong place. Yeah, choice..." Then he threw up.

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