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15 November 2005



We added Blognonymous first thing this morning. Makes me feel all warm and gooey inside.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Well, I felt the need to salute when Commandante and Blogenfreude ran it up the flag poll. Wonder if any of us will get read on air...

My missive to the Big Giant Head...

Uhh, Bill?

You need to get your meds upped. I retired from the Army after 23 years as a First Sergeant, and I don't think you can call me a leftist. I am to the left of you, buddy, but so was Patton. Anyway, under normal circumstances, I see nothing particularly right or wrong with recruiters in schools. However, at the moment, when recruiters are out and out lying to meet their quotas and keep some semi-semblance of a career, I can see where parents and school districts might have some concerns. Kind of truth in advertising...

It's not like recruiters can't get to their targets other ways...they are very good at business intelligence. And, while you might say that the kids know what they're signing on for, they haven't got a clue. I saw this in Desert Shield and Storm, where people were stunned that they might have to kill somebody or be killed.

Fox News portrays a heroic vision of an exercise -- war -- that is far from heroic. There are heroes in it; but the enterprise is not. If the recruiters are held to a high level of truth in advertising, then cool -- you're not going to get rich, you're not going to have time for a lot of school while you're in; the odds are you are not going to be killed or injured or have to kill or injure anyone else, might. If you get killed, game over and no re-boot. If you are seriously wounded, you'll probably have an amputation or serious life-limiting injury that will let you park in the handicapped parking place. We promise to screw up your pay; cut your benefits; and lie about how hooah you are but having you attend photops and sit at attention.Etc, Etc, Etc....

Then they should be allowed in the schools...

M.C. Farrell
First Sergeant, USA (retired


Sorry boys, I wasn't quite so polite. To wit:

put me on your lying, hypocritical, sex- pervert sack of dog shit!



Just sent off:

Dear Mr. O'Reilly:

Please add my URL and the name of my blog to your McCarthy-esque list of smear merchants. I could really use the traffic and "negative" publicity. Good luck on your gradual metamorphosis into the late Senator from Wisconsin. I am sure that a VENONA document will come out long after we're dead containing the fake names and defunct URL's of bloggers who had been secretly working against you and FOX "News" and the very public Internet and it will be found out that, as with McCarthy, a few of the untraceable pseudonyms that you are even now threatening to expose may prove to be on this document, thereby legitimizing your jihad to right wingnuts of the future.

Good luck in your quest for resolute but hollow justice and Godspeed!

Yep Another Goddamned Blog

comandante agi t. prop

Thank you for that Crusader AXE. What does Bill really know about the military anyways. Oh yeah, according to Bill he survived a "combat situation in Argentina during the Falklands War" when he was down there reporting. That gives him total street cred.

Red State Blues

Agi, I'm happy to have found your new site. Keep givin' 'em hell, pal. Great letter and pic.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Like Murtha said today, " I like being told what it's like by guys who weren't there." Clemenceau was right about war being too important to be left to the generals -- but, I really like guys who talk tough who have no reason to think they're tough except they can yell a lot.

By the way, flipping past Fox News the other night, I actually heard Sean Hannity make a coherent, rational and well-thoughtout statement. I was stunned, so stunned I forget what it was about, but it was actually something you'd expect to hear from a sane, sober and informed adult. Or, maybe it was the PTSD and I hallucinated the whole thing...

Thomas McCay

I certainly would not want to be left off his list. I would feel, well, as unimportant as I actually am.

I fear my letter wasn't very nice.

Dearest Loofa Dude,

I understand that you have decided to publish your personal enemies list, very like McCarthy.

Well sir, I want to be on that list. I hate the very idea of professional military con men having access to young students. The students know where the recruiting offices are.

So, tell me, tough guy, why aren't you working as an embedded journalist. A bit too dangerous for and old chicken hawk like you? You are a loud mouthed liar whose emotional problems are way out of hand.

Considering suicide? As your friend, my advice? Do not hesitate.

Check the link below for offending passages. I've been too busy with a novel to post much lately but I'm going to write a special article just for you, all about the reality of the tactics, military recruiting scum, use on the kids.

Your best friend, Thomas McCay

Links to evidence for your ratty little boy's crusade, you sick perverted shit. Your sort disgusts normal people, Loofa Dude.
American Ex
An Expatriate View of Homeland America.

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