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14 November 2005


Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Too funny. Nothing is going right with their war on any sort of reasonable timeline -- although on a geologic-evolutionary timeline everything may be peachy, but geology and evolution are bunk to them so that shouldn't help -- so they want to start another one.

Gee, let's look at our track record of coups...trying to find one that worked out really, really well for anyone besides thugs, theocrats and thieves. Well, the Diem coup worked out well for North Vietnam; tough on the South Vietnamese, Hmong, Laotian and Cambodians, but hey...Chile, yeah, that was fun. me out here.

And, the idea that the voting of powers to act on Iraq and the war on terror allows them to attack another soveriegn nation is kind of cute. If Condi got some plastic surgery and a new haircut, she might get a date...she sure isn't in the running for much of anything else, given that sort of logic.
The declaration of war on Japan should give us the ability to invade Canada, given that sort of logic. And, the declaration of war on Mexico should still be valid! Hell, it's only been 160 years or so...

comandante agi t. prop

I can't think of any truly successful coups. The Shah might have lasted a long time in Iran but he set the stage for the rise of the Iyatollah. The coup of Arbenz in Guatemala sparked a 40 year civil war...

If the declaration of war against Spain is still valid, perhaps we could snatch the Canary Islands?

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