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29 November 2005


the quitter

man, i am getting so sick of my own people that i could puke. i've always considered my self liberal-left-progressive-green whichever label is popular at any given moment. these days i find myself having libertarian type thoughts.. but i cannot justify the probable results of that either. all i know is that group-think is sickening and that power corrupts. i was is portland, or recently and could not walk 3 feet without seeing a car with some anti-bush or progressive type slogan stickered to it. it made me want to buy a Cheney-08 t-shirt just to fuck with people.

get past it people. wake up to the smell of your own mind on fire.

comandante agi t. prop

Those fucking arrogant and ignorant Canadians!

Our bumper sticker "" (coming soon) will apply in all countries. How's that for a selling point?

comandante agi t. prop

True that, reverend quitter. I'm personally getting sick of liberals. That's one of the reasons I quit my old blog. I'm currently drifting off into anarchist/libertarian/apathetic territory. Or maybe it's just Mr. Fundamental rubbing off on me, who knows.

mr fun

I already have a girlfriend, thanks.

comandante agi t. prop


mr fun

now, please, gentlemen, don't get me wrong. I fucking hate Hummers. useless pieces of metal and plastic and instant signifier of a small penis. the size of the car indirectly proportional to the size of the penis. but what about those fat men you see inside little dodge colts and vistas? weird, right?

I hate giant fucking trucks nobody in their right mind needs, which is often evident by the lack of scratches and or dirt/mud located attached to said vehicle-of-penis-envy. I hate tractor trailers, and the fact they ran the train business, well, out of business. trains are better uses of resources! less resources to move more people, right? one would think.

how easy it would be to rail against thingsastheyare if thingsastheyare weren't so well...working well. well enough. well, enough! intonation is everything. I mean, are you dying? ill? if only all communities were well thought out and designed and planned and walkable with human satisfying architecture...we could rid ourselves of foreign oil, be a little healthier what with walking and biking and blading and such. but Tiffanydamnit, we deal. really well, we deal with things.

and for fucksake, there really is no need to complain in this country. at all. there is opportunity, there is potential to do whatever you want. unless you think you can't. whats holding you back?

ah, fuck it.

but, that's me. stuck with this advice I'm afraid to follow.

the quitter

stuck with this advice I'm afraid to follow.

poetic. truthful.

mr fun

oh, and it wasn't a canadian.

the smell of your own mind on fire, very well put.

but from one concrete version of reality, to the next, I suppose. and even the middle is lethargic, mentally.

I'll fight for the individual everytime. because how powerful is one individual, really? only the masses can prop up an individual.

"I am now Jesus and you all are my subjects. I command ye, submit!"

see how well that works? I mean, really.

honor the position, not the buffoon in the position, right? it all crumbles without authority, and that is something you and you only can give. less there is a gun at your head. but it is still a choice even at that point.

I'm so western it's bad.

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